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We mostly keep it tied with a chain when it is home.

My mother particularly makes it a point that Buddy is tied with its chain near the balcony.

We have provided below short and long essay on my pet dog in English language for school going children and students. I somehow wanted to pet a cat but my elder sister, Riya is almost crazy about dogs and was adamant that we get a dog as a pet.

The essays have been written in simple language, yet are useful and informative and will let you understand the advantages of a pet dog and how it is a good companion, a guard and an honest friend. Other members of my family also believed that keeping a dog as a pet was a better choice and so a cute little one month old pug came home with us that day and became a part of our family. We take it to the terrace and bathe him with a pipe. It is light brown in colour and has a strong built.

With heavy heart, we gave him to one of our neighbours who gladly took it home. It was then that my mother realized that I was serious about it.

We often called them up to ask for Bruno’s well being. We shifted back to India after two years however, this time to a different city. It is a German shepherd and it has been a part of my family since the last 3 years. So she made me sit and explained as to why we could not keep a pet. Though my grandparents live with us, they are old and taking care of a pet would have been too much to ask from them. I went to my grandmother and requested her to convince mom to get a pet dog.It has been a year that we have brought him home and our friends and cousins have started visiting us all the more since then.A cheerful soul that it is, everyone is fond of it and wants to spend time with it.Since it is small in size, it is not a hassle to take it along.It does not even require much food which makes it quite travel-friendly.One day when I was walking back home from school, I saw a Spitz struggling to get its leg out of a cycle tyre. It was someone’s pet but seemed like it had lost its way. I looked around for its master but could not find anyone. I kept taking it back to the place I had found it for weeks in the hope to find its master but did not find anyone. Dogs love babies and are very protective about them.I helped it get rid of the tyre and gave a pat on its head. Roger and my younger brother thus became friends almost instantly.You can use these ‘my pet dog essay’ in your school and college essay writing, debate, speech and other similar competitions and leave a good impression on your teachers and friends. Though everyone in the family takes care of Swigi, my sister is especially particular about its cleanliness, vaccinations and eating habits. We make sure it gets its food on time and goes for stroll twice every day. Swigi is quite an active dog and loves playing with ball. Having a Labrador as a pet serves a double purpose.You do not only get a great friend who is always ready to play with you but it also acts as a security guard for your home.They decided to go for a Doberman as it is a fearless, brave and sturdy dog. Both of them looked so happy and loved each other’s company.Owing to this nature, Doberman dogs are also preferred in police and military services all around the world. Many a times, I called Aanya to play with me at my home but she refused saying she was busy feeding or bathing Roger. I knew I wanted a dog as a pet but I wasn’t aware that it would be such a struggle for me to convince my parents to get one home.


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