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Manookin PDF A Two-level Engine for Tagalog Morphology and a Structured XML Output for PC-Kimmo, Hans J.Millard PDF Effects of Extended Explicit Systematic Phonics Instruction on Adult L2 Fluency, H.Vanessa Ocana PDF A Study of the Correlation Between Working Memory and Second Language EI Test Scores, Eve Kiyomi Okura PDF Teaching Vocabulary Through Data-Driven Learning, Erin Margaret Shaw PDF Empirical Study of Information Design: Four Experiments, Noel Teresa Alton PDF The Design of Specifications for the Development of Broadcast English Materials in Academic Listening/Speaking Courses, Amy Barlow PDF Iconic Semantics in Phonology: A Corpus Study of Japanese Mimetics, Joshua Marrinor Caldwell PDF Utilizing Human-Computer Interactions to Improve Text Annotation, Marc A.A multidisciplinary database, with searchable author abstracts, covering the journal literature of the sciences; social sciences; and arts & humanities.Cited reference searching allows you to see who has cited a particular work. Theses submitted after this date are kept in the University of Essex Research Repository.Welcome to the online Research Guide for Linguistics! If there are any resources that you would definitely like to have added to this guide, please let me know anytime by clicking the email link in the profile box. If you are looking for a specific thesis you can use Library Search to search for the author or title. We do not normally hold dissertations and theses connected with other degrees - the exception being LL. All of our theses are kept in Store and can only be consulted in the library - you'll need to use the online store request form or fill in a form at the library helpdesk to request them.Wood PDF The Effect of Content Revision Logs and Student-Teacher Conferences on ESL Student Writing, Urim Yi PDF Developing and Studying the Effectiveness of EFR Annotations for Chinese Language Learners, Amber Marie Chen PDF Developing A Teachers' Handbook for Content-based Instruction at Brigham Young University's English Language Center, Melinda Clement Hardman PDF The Efficacy of Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback on Intermediate-high ESL Learners' Writing Accuracy, Soon Yeun Lee PDF Validation of the Reading Level Achievement Test of the English Language Center, Marina Vasilyevina Mikhaylova PDF An Evaluation of a Curriculum for Basic Training in TESOL, Gordon Travis Wilson PDF Topicalization in Malagasy: Effects of Teaching Malagasy as a Topic Language, Jeremy D.Workman PDF Effects of Lexical Simplification and Elaboration on ESL Readers' Local-Level Perceived Comprehension, Beth Ann Brewer PDF Developing Writing Fluency Through Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication, Rossana Camacho PDF Semantic Role Labeling with Analogical Modeling, Warren C.


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