Lawn Care Business Plan Template

In year 2 you are going to need a used truck, a trailer, and another lawn mower.

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All our products and services are positioned at the high end of the market in terms quality, and the mid to small scale end in terms of size and price. Corrective applications are provided if the customer is not satisfied.

What sets us apart from other businesses is we are 100% customer service oriented. Organization culture allows free and healthy interaction between customer and the organization's employees.

We will rely initially on our knowledge of the local community and top-quality landscaping skills.

Initial outreach will involve direct canvassing of the neighborhood.

This is done to ensure a happy and ever widening customer base. Ethical conditions As per our ethical practices we provide a complete refund if we fall short of the promised services.

We not only provide educational seminars to lawn owners but also seasonal information on proper lawn care.You were able to start working in month 3, but then it takes 40 days on average to get paid by your customers, so you don’t actually receive any payment until month 4.With the current situation you run out of cash in month 2 and have a negative cash balance for the first 6 months as seen below: So at this point your best option is to seek a small business loan for your company.We are assuming that you started out with ,000 in cash in the bank on month 1.The only problem is that in your first month it was still winter so you did not generate any revenue.Now I just need to enter in the number of hours I expect to provide each month.To keep things simple I am going to assume that we provide service in increments of 50 hours, so in months where you only mow once, you will only provide 50 hours of service.We understand the difference between legal right to do and right thing to do keeping room for altruism We intend to seek mutually beneficial and enduring relationships in all commitments we make, ensuring that they are straightforward and honest.Hence our communication will be open and accurate both internally as well as externally.Before I show you how I projected sales for the first two years, I also want to assume that in year two I will be able to sign a total of 75 clients to a year long contract.Now that we have our sales projections input, it is time to move on toward expenses.


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