Language Is An Expression Of One'S Identity Essay

Language Is An Expression Of One'S Identity Essay-72
If another person had mid-terms coming up and I asked him to give me a ride to a really far place, his decision ( not necessarily the language he speaks ) would reveal a fair amount of his identity to me.

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Language is closely related to one’s identity, Baldwin even mentions that language can sometimes reveal the speakers origins and could force out a lot about a particular person, it could give out how you were raised, your self-esteem and confidence and your income for example, a lot of which is tied to one’s identity.

To say language defines us completely is wrong and I personally think no one should judge others based on the language they speak only, you should never be able to predict one’s income or how they were raised based on the language they speak. I may have experienced this when I lived in Virginia back when I was a sixth grader and didn’t know much English, some classmates assumed that I was a bad student academically just because I had poor or below average grades in my English and spelling classes.

The one I’m trying to convey to my professor is that I did nothing wrong by going out to the market district at mid-night, the accident could not have been avoided and I should be excused for missing class on Friday, this is how I want my professor to view it, this is possible with clever use of language and a couple of white lies.

Language is a tool that everyone in this day and age has access to, you can get in trouble by saying certain things at the wrong times or you could avoid it if you have a silver tongue.

However, there is a whole lot more to identity than just linguistic and ethnic identities.

I fully agree with Anzaldua, language is an important part of me and I would be hurt to see anyone talk badly about the language I grew up learning.

If he disagrees, then that tells me that his mid-terms are top priority for him and he would not waste his time in any way possible until he is done with his mid-terms , in other words he is a serious person.

To summarize, I believe that the identity of a person should not only be related to the language that person speaks but also on other factors like life choices.

Language like I said in my claim defines identity so when you speak badly about It, you’re speaking badly of what defines my identity, what defines me.

The third quote is from my first short assignment, Alshareef says: The image I’m trying to avoid is an image where I don’t take class work seriously by attending lots of parties in the middle of the week.


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