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We don’t want to be arbitrarily let go, we are terrified of being abandoned.

We don’t want to be arbitrarily let go, we are terrified of being abandoned.

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Deep down we want to feel that we are helping people.

We have to feel we are addressing genuine needs – not merely servicing random desires. There isn’t a long-term objective their work is directed towards. It’s the reverse of an architect who might labour for five years on a large project – but all the millions of details, which might be annoying or frustrating in themselves, eventually add up to an overall, complete achievement.

But he has sympathy for the emotional longings of the worker.

Communism – emotionally understood – is a promise that we always have a place in the world’s heart, that we will not be cast out. This is perhaps the most obvious qualm Marx had with Capitalism.

These jobs take years of training to master, which makes the modern economy highly efficient, but we end up with a situation where it is seldom possible for one’s real nature to find expression in what one is doing day-to-day. Many a poet would want to have a go at working in industry for a few years.

Marx also wants to help us find work that is more meaningful.

A very few kinds of work, like being a doctor or an opera star seem to fit this bill perfectly.

But often people leave their jobs and say: I couldn’t see the point in working in sales or designing an ad campaign for garden furniture or teaching French to kids who don’t want to learn.

Our work should – if things go right – be a little better than we manage to be day-to-day, because it allows us to concentrate and distil the best parts of us.

Think of the person who built this chair: it is straightforward, strong, honest and elegant.


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