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I found myself complaining about English and its lacklusterness and difficulty in comparison to Spanish (English’s lack of an usted form, for example).

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Then, use the summer for focused test prep and be well-prepared to take either the SAT or ACT at least 1-2 times during your junior year. Although not required for admission – and not offered in some high schools – you can self-study and take AP exams.

These are no-risk exams as scores are submitted by YOU, the student, only IF you want to.

In addition to including appropriate APs to your schedule when offered by your school, look for those that you can do on your own (many available online) and link to your academic interests – Human Geography, Psychology, and Statistics, for instance.

If these match up with your interests and strengths, pursue these as independent studies.

As I continued into high school, my Spanish skills flourished.

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I began to think in Spanish, palabras (words) swirling inside my head, interchanging with English.I walk through the entire application with you, highlighting the important sections including personal information, academics, extracurriculars, essays, additional information, recommendations, and supplemental material.I review and edit every entry to ensure your application is perfect prior to submission.A rightful assumption is that el pollo is some beautiful word, a word signifying hope or love, or that at the very least, it epitomizes some circumstance in my life in a meaningful way. Sure, I could count to ten and describe the color of the sky, but I couldn’t hold a conversation.When I got to eighth grade, however, Spanish occupied my thoughts, especially when I realized how good I was at it.My favorite word in the Spanish language is el pollo.I like the way the double “l” rolls off my tongue and how my lips purse to pronounce the “p”. Because it was a trimester course, we only learned the basics, but mastering numbers and colors didn’t hold my interest.How will you be as a roommate, teammate, classmate, lab partner, campus leader or friend? Do you use your voice to advocate for issues and causes you care about? Your curiosity, sense of humor, ability to empathize, openness to new perspectives and ideas, willingness to stretch and challenge yourself, and the passion with which you dive into your pursuits all suggest the kind of student you’d be in a college community. Will faculty be excited to teach a student like you? Show – don’t tell – the reader what makes you unique and distinctive.Find a creative angle or hook for your essay and let the rest flow from there.


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