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This takes a completely different skillset than essay writing or sending emails to your professors and friends, and therefore it is a good idea for every researcher to keep learning how to improve research writing.Research is about more than just the scientific principles and discoveries you are making—it is about sharing these discoveries with fellow researchers and with the public.Refer to previously published procedures employed by citing the paper.

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Students must submit the final version, both the hard and soft copy (Microsoft Word) of their papers to mentors by the given deadline.

Papers that are received late will not be published in the Proceedings of the Conference.: Experimental details should be concise but sufficient to allow a qualified operator to repeat the work.

This section responds to the question “What do the results mean?

” This section is easy to write, but difficult to write well.

The methods and information in this lecture can be applied to almost any kind of research paper, although of course the exact structure and content will be somewhat determined by where you are submitting your research.

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The general structure of scientific research papers is IMR&D (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion).

You should always go back through your paper after one section is finished and correct or change another part, but by composing in this order you will be sure to include all of the important information.

Not that the Methods and Results sections are written first.

*Includes limitations to your study and discusses possible future research that is needed to answer your research question more clearly and address closely related questions.

*After the Results Section and before the Introduction This portion of the lecture focuses on developing techniques for composing your paper.


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