International Sports Events Essay

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As mentioned before, hosting a ‘mega sports event’ requires lots of finance, because new sports facilities must be improved and built and surely new infrastructures must be created.The games regenerated the whole economy of Australia.In the opinion of Bob Carr, the Premier of South Wales, Sydney Olympics is a sign of improvement of Australian economy and a fundamental for its further development (Locum Destination Review, 2001, p. On the other hand, economic impact is difficult to predict and to evaluate before the sporting competition.As a result, tourism as well as infrastructure development promote job creation, because a lot of markets, hotels, entertainment facilities like night clubs etc.are most likely to be created for the foreign visitors.Some of them are known as Major International Sports Events or ‘mega sports events’. Obviously, the reason for this is that ‘mega sporting events’ may bring a major number of short-term and long-term economic benefits to the hosting area.Examples of such competitions are Olympic Games, Football World Cup, Commonwealth Games and some other International Championships. The number of countries and cities that want to host these kinds of sport competitions is increasing (Milena M. It is known that hosting a ‘mega sporting event’ is extremely costly. However, there are a range of positive effects including economic effects that ‘mega sporting event’ can bring to the hosting area.Nowadays ‘mega sports events’, like Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup are supposed to be large tourism destinations, as they attract a major number of people.Therefore millions of people from all over the world tend to attend them every time they are held.Thus there is no 100 per cent guarantee that particular ‘mega event’ will bring more positive outcomes rather than negative ones.For example, organizing such events may lead to the difficulties in the life low-income population (Malfas et al., 2004, p. As soon as a particular country or city has won a bid for ‘major sport event’ the preparation is started.


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