Importance Of Family In My Life Essay

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In a notebook or a computer document, write down each year you’ve been alive. Now start adding in all of the big turning points that divide your life into chapters: being born, going to school, moving, changing schools, reaching religious milestones, learning to drive, graduating, getting a job, changing jobs, getting married, having children.

Unhappy events like divorces and deaths will make the list too. If all you ever complete in your personal history is this list of major life events, that’s a better than nothing.

Let these simple tips inspire you to put pen to paper. Rowling couldn’t tell your stories better than you can.

No one is more qualified to tell your family’s story than you are. One of the reasons my cousin’s words came so alive for me is because her family members are all great verbal storytellers.

If you’re inspired to keep going, you’ll have a great framework for writing a thorough personal history.

Add as many relevant details as you can when sharing a memory.

You are absolutely the best person in the world to write your story and your family history. They get together and reminisce and repeat some of the same stories over and over.

You are the only human being ever born to this earth who has your unique perspective and life experiences. This practice adds structure to fragmented memories, making it easier to write them down later.

What matters is that our stories get told, in all of their imperfect glory.

Would you like to make 2018 a year to tell your family stories?


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