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I wanted to know more about the techniques that they were using.For example, they were using the Auge Kugel method, and I didn't know what that meant.Especially since we had somebody involved who was a superstar at static analysis - manual static analysis. -- [this mission John Norton was responsible for failed because of a documentation error.

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So as time went on, I really had, I guess a sense of history about this entire thing, so I totally understand this mission that you're on.

We began to analyze all of the errors that had taken place on the flight software when we were in actually Validation & Verification mode.

I was a young kid, and I was hired by Dan Lickly over here (pointing to Dan).

And I was assigned, this was during the unmanned missions, and I was hired to do what they called programming, they also call it software engineering today, but not back then.

One of my first assignments was to work on algorithms having to do with lunar landmark tables. Then there was an unmanned mission that was taking off, and people came running in to tell me that the lunar landmark tables were in upside down and backwards. And I believed, until it landed, and heard on the news everything was okay, that I was in real trouble because I was involved with these algorithms.

Then, because I was still a beginner, I was assigned responsibility for what was thought to be the least important software to be developed for the next mission.So that if the astronaut made a mistake, the software would come back and say "You can't do that." But we were forbidden to put that software in because it was more software to debug, to work with. In fact, they went back to read the program notes and we had a program note saying "Do not select PO1 mid course." I was so happy that that it was in there. We had the program note "do not select PO1 during flight." I still remember the program note.So one of the things that we were really worried about is what if the astronaut made a mistake -- We were also told that the astronauts would never make any mistakes, because they were trained never to make mistakes. So as time went on, I got very interested, even more and more interested in error detection and recovery, because of the errors that took place and how we could avoid them in the first place.We began to grow, and eventually Dan put me in charge of the command module software.He had the courage to put me over that whole area, and I got very interested in management of software; again, integrating all of the glue.(Laughter) So we were very worried that what if the astronaut, during mid-course, would select pre-launch, for example? We were doing simulation, much simulation, but of course we couldn't test the flight in real time.We had to simulate it, and I got very interested in static analysis. Many of the errors that were found in the flight software were because John Norton, who I guess was responsible for another type of mission, was it Venus?I am creating a simple switch toggle component in Vue where it has a v-model and @updated.But I can't seem to change the model when the user toggles the switch.First I was getting the error to avoid mutating a prop directly. MARGARET HAMILTON: When I first got involved in Apollo, I was coming off the SAGE project for the Lincoln Labs.


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