Human Skeleton Essay

Collar bones serve as a support for the shoulder blades in front and keep the shoulder blades back so that the arms can hang freely at the sides of the body.They prevent the pectoral girdles from getting out of joint easily and sufficient movement of the shoulders.The bony ridge forms a major projection, the acromion, above the shoulder joint.

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Thoracic vertebrae (twelve) – these are the vertebrae of the mid spine, which articulate with the ribs and are also found in the thorax.

The thoracic vertebrae are larger than the cervical ad increase in size from top to bottom.

The appendicular skeleton and the axial skeleton together form the complete skeleton Pectoral griddle – consists of two shoulder blades (scapulae) and two collar bones (clavicles).

These bones articulate with one another, allowing some degree of movement.

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This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Lumbar vertebrae (five focused) – these are situated at the lower back and are the largest of the movable vertebrae.They are required to support more weight than other vertebrae and provide attachment for many of the muscles of the back.The upper outer corner of the shoulder blade ends in the glenoid cavity into which fit the head of upper arm bone forming a ball and socket joint.collar bones (clavicle) – has got a rod-shaped and forms a roughly S-shape It lies horizontally and articulates with the upper end of the breastbone, right in the middle and front, just above the first rib The lateral end articulates with the acromium.A skeleton has got five different job roles which are: Blood production.Movement Shape Protection DIAGRAM: BACK FRONT (@Google) There are two major systems of bones in the human body which are Axial & Appendicular skeleton. It is comprised of eight cranial and fourteen facial bones.Its main job role is to protect the spinal cord even though it also helps by supporting the ribcage by maintaining the balance between it and the abdominal cavity.The bones of a vertebral column have got cartilage joints.(@Google) Thorax – takes part in both protecting the heart and lungs, and also helps in shape of the body. Extends from the base of the cranium to the pelvis, providing a central axis for the body Accounts for around 40% of a human overall weight.The vertebrae of a human spine are held together strongly by powerful ligaments that allow little movement between your adjacent vertebrae but afford a considerable degree flexibility along the spine as a whole.


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