How To Write A Paper Summary

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To write a more analytical paper, you may need to review the text or film you are writing about, with a focus on the elements that are relevant to your thesis.

If possible, carefully consider your writing assignment before reading, viewing, or listening to the material about which you’ll be writing so that your encounter with the material will be more purposeful.

– Concentrating on insignificant details, examples, and anecdotes.

– Trying to interpret or explain what the author wanted to say in his or her work.

The paragraph then closes with the writer’s specific thesis about the symbolism of white, grey, and green.

Analysis requires breaking something—like a story, poem, play, theory, or argument—into parts so you can understand how those parts work together to make the whole.

If you’re stalled by a difficult writing prompt, summarizing the plot of The Great Gatsby may be more appealing than staring at the computer for three hours and wondering what to say about F. After all, the plot is usually the easiest part of a work to understand.

Something similar can happen even when what you are writing about has no plot: if you don’t really understand an author’s argument, it might seem easiest to just repeat what he or she said.

Ideally, you should begin to analyze a work as you read or view it instead of waiting until after you’re done—it may help you to jot down some notes as you read.

Your notes can be about major themes or ideas you notice, as well as anything that intrigues, puzzles, excites, or irritates you.


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