How To Write A Killer College Essay

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With so much to know in this world, it is an utter shame not to conquest in curiosities that beckon and stir the imagination.

However, in a time when technology is solving many of the world's enigmas, I am hopeful that mysteries will still be left for me to uncover. As evident, my life is a story of lessons, experiences and skills that when combined, personify who I am.

Practice continued, and I pretended to know where I was going. However, no matter the trial, I've learned to painstakingly work through it.

Even though disaster may have threatened, and even if I proved to be the cause of a domino line of band kids to fall, still I persisted and vowed the same error would never happen again. Learning from my mistakes, rather than perfectly building on skills, is what drives me to work hard. Because when I finally make it to my spot unscathed, I know I have won.

Although I passionately enjoy cultural dance, I believe that dance as an actual form of expression takes a backseat to a more important central message: in this world, be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Although I may fail more than others, juggle two cultures simultaneously, possess a strange penchant for knowledge, and dance 'till I drop,' it is these MANY experiences that make up the overarching image of who I am-another kid making it big.

Don't let others block your path and be true to yourself. _________________________________________________________________________ Just take a look at the format of the essay. You may wonder, "oh, this kid got into college because of the format of his writing and numbering of 1-5," or "he didn't even write in a introduction, body paragraph and conclusion essay style, how on earth is he in college?!

With curiosities ranging from botany to the Revolution of 1800, I am an intellectual mess.

Fortunately for me, my friends concur with my ravenous thirst for knowledge by contributing topics such as chemistry, music theory, and statistics to the melting pot.

Put aside the physical style of the essay and focus solely on the content.

Read the question; it asked if "I had a story that is central to my being or identity." Then, look at my first few sentences. I flat out reject Common Application by telling them "bro, wait. " I took a HUGE leap and risk by not directly answering the Common Application; this is a bold and daring move that shows admissions counselors that I am able to step out of my comfort zone, make new thoughts and provide alternative points of view.


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