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The powerful KAT engine analyzes your essay using a combination between both LSA and IEA features.

The powerful KAT engine analyzes your essay using a combination between both LSA and IEA features.Try Knowledge Analysis Technologies In this article, we explored some of the best automated essay grading software on the market in 2019.

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This list covers a wide range of needs, and can be very helpful for both teachers and students.

Students can use this type of software to correct any mistakes before sending the essays to their teachers, and the teachers can focus on more important tasks like students engagement.

This is an internet-based tool that uses the KAT’s powerful engine to automatically evaluate the meaning of the text, grammar,style, and also the mechanics of your text structure.

IEA can also be used in tests with a large number of constructed responses, offering results at the level of professional human scorers.

Here are some of them: PEG Writing Scholar This version of PEG was designed for higher education and it allows students to submit their essay and get instant feedback.

One of the best features of this version of PEG is the fact that students can get feedback based on the Six traits of Writing, and is also available anywhere and anytime, because it uses the incorporated artificial intelligence technology.The models obtained will used by the AI, to better understand the text written in the paper.Project Essay Grade released different version of this software to better suit specific situations : PEG Writing – is an online learning environment that also allows students to improve on their essay-writing skills by the use of practice and guided support, and can also be used to grade your own papers before actually sending them to your teacher.Starting from this base of information, PEG can use its artificial intelligence and assess how the essay was written, automatically.After the process of analysis is completed, PEG uses the data obtained to create statistical and linguistic models.This software uses a combination between human raters and AI capabilities to offer clear results, fast.This tool can also be used in a variety of learning contexts, such as in classrooms, presentations, etc., and can be used to generate individualized feedback or can be used to batch process the essays your students presented.Project Essay Grade by Measurement Incorporated (MI), is a great automated grading software that uses AI technology to read, understand , process and give you results.By the use of the advanced statistical techniques found in this software, PEG can analyze written prose, make calculations based on more than 300 measurements (fluency, diction, grammar, construction, etc.), and can obtain results that look very similar to what a human analyzer would get – reliability and validity.The two most cognitively taxing things I do in my life are try to write novels and to grade student writing when the purpose of that grading is to help students become better at writing. Doing it requires me to be simultaneously fully engaged with both my conscious and subconscious minds while never letting one wrest too much control from the other.It’s like driving a car where you have to keep your eye on the road right in front of you while having the other on a Google Maps satellite view of your final destination, while also not actually knowing your final destination, or if there even is a destination, or even if you’re driving car at all because that car might be a unicorn, or a can opener, who knows? Part of why it’s not getting easier is because I know a lot more about what I should be trying to accomplish when I grade essays.


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