Honor Thesis Statement

Honor Thesis Statement-20
Applications are considered on a rolling basis in the academic year of the student's honors project and grants are made until all funds for the year are spent.

Students wishing to present a two-semester project for honors will enroll in FRST, ITAL, or SPAN 409 in the fall and 410 in the spring. Students wishing to present a one-semester project for honors must enroll in FRST, ITAL, or SPAN 403 in the fall and complete the project before the beginning of the second semester.

Please note: Students presenting an essay or one-semester project will not be eligible for High Honors. Application for Admission into the Departmental Honors Program: Students wishing to be considered for departmental honors in their senior year must: 1.

Essay students must participate in the Fall RLL Workshop.

The Department’s deadline for the submission of an Honors essay or one-semester project is February 15.

Students should submit their work to the Chair of the RLL Honors Committee by 4p.m. Students also will be required to upload their essays in mid-April, per university guidelines.

Students who begin one-semester projects and decide in the course of their work that they would like to transform them into two-semester projects may do so if their tutor and the department’s Honors Committee concur.

There is no deadline for the sort of reflection and self-evaluation that the department hopes all majors will engage in.

However, those majors involved in senior capstone experiences are invited to give a presentation to faculty and other majors before March 30 of their senior year.

The other will normally be from another section or from another department. The department has set aside funds to help seniors in the Honors program of the Romance majors (FRST, HISP, ITST, RMST) with small expenses incurred by their Honors project.

An essay or essay-level project will be evaluated by one faculty member of the Department. A limited number of small grants can be made during the academic year.


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