Graduate Thesis Preparation

Graduate Thesis Preparation-54
All chapters should begin on a new page and should have a top margin of 2 inches (5cm), with the page number centered at the bottom.

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Permission to write the thesis is given by the Advisory Committee when there is general agreement that sufficient work on the research project has been carried out.

This will normally occur after: Students should seek guidance from their supervisor regarding the use of a style manual appropriate to the academic discipline in which they are working, as well as other guides needed to write correctly and effectively.

Your committee may prefer the working paper drafts to be double spaced for editing purposes, but smaller line spacing is easier to read on a computer screen.

For best readability, normal body text should be sized to twelve-point (12pt). Chapter titles and section subheadings may be bolded or have a different-sized text font (either 12pt or 14pt).

With these principles in mind, a thesis should be presented as a single, cohesive, consistently formatted and unified document, which clearly articulates the progression of a student’s chosen field of research.

Form and style will differ from department to department and from discipline to discipline.Landscape-oriented pages must have the page number situated in the same place as if it were a portrait-oriented page.That is, that the numbers will line up at the bottom of the page as in a bound copy of the thesis or dissertation.Page numbering should be centered at bottom, with lower case Roman numerals used for the prefatory pages.All remaining pages of the thesis, beginning with the introduction (Chapter One) should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals consistent text font style and size (11pt or 12pt is appropriate).The style selected must be maintained throughout the thesis.Accepted rules of grammar must be followed, and forms of spelling and punctuation must be used with consistency.When a large number of special symbols are used, it is permissible to collect them in a table or in a special appendix.Following the advice of their supervisor, students may use any appropriate combination of footnotes at the bottom of pages in the text, endnotes at the end of each chapter, and direct reference to the bibliography.The main point to keep in mind is to have consistency of form and style throughout the thesis.Departments and colleges are expected to provide students with titles of style manuals on thesis writing which they currently approve.


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