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However, as there is no way to tell which questions are experimental, you should put your best effort into all questions.

So for example, if you answered 7 out of 9 non-experimental questions correctly, then while your The Total GMAT Score is calculated from both the Quantitative and the Verbal scores, and ranges from 200 to 800.

We’ll first describe these two sections and then describe how they combine into the final score.

They receive a GMAT score report that includes their AWA score via regular mail around two weeks after they take their test.

As with the AWA, students cannot see their IR scores on the same day that they take the test.

Note that there is a penalty for not completing a section of the test!

As such, if you run out of time, we strongly recommend guessing the remaining answers rather than leaving a section incomplete.

Rather, each should be viewed independently, and in fact each has its own percentile distribution.

As an example, look at the two tables below: while a score of 46 on the Verbal section is equivalent to a percentile of 99%, a similar score on the Quant section is equivalent to a percentile of 58%.

Like in the Integrated Reasoning section, there’s no way to tell which questions are unscored (and thus we advise you not to skip any question because you think it looks ‘weird’! So, you have two minutes on average per quant question and a bit less for each verbal question.

This is a really fast pace, and as such practicing your time management should be an important part of your study process.


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