Gender Discrimination Sports Essay

There is also evidence of women's sports competitions in Roman times.In ancient China, women also played in professional teams of Cuju, a competitive ball game which involved kicking a ball.

ATP prizes are still higher than WTA prizes in particular in smaller tournamentes.

u=k Lff2q Pdy Ox Otvb9YJg KSuxxnf Uc Hvoa6/y/Uka N3x Is EDuqjlc=&b= This video released by IBN Live reveals the gender discrimination suffered by an Indian Athlete, named Santhi Soundarajan, who lost her silver medal in the female 800m race of Asian games in Doha because of her failure in a gender test.

Novak Djokovic created a great controversy when in March 2016 he questioned equal prize money in tennis.

The world #1 tennis player said that male tennis players should earn more because male tennis attracts more attention and generates more revenues than female tennis.

But the difference is concentrated on top players (male top four: $45 million, female top four: $23 million).

Players ranked between the 5th and 10th position earned very similar prize money in 2015.To what extent does gender inequality in sports remain a serious problem? Do female athletes receive equal pay for equal work?Learn more about the history of women's sports, the top earning athletes, gender equality in tennis and other sports, and the main reasons used to justify the gender pay gap in sports. We all accept the principle of equal pay for equal work, but there is evidence that the wage gap between men and women is still important in sports.Germany was one of the countries pioneering women's sports.However, until the early twentieth century few women competed in sports in America and Europe.According to Forbes' list "The World's Highest-Paid Athletes 2015", only 2 women were listed among the 100 best paid athletes, tennis players Maria Sharapova (#26) and Serena Williams (#47).In 2017 the situation seems to have worsened as only one of the top 100 highest-paid athletes is a woman.The Haeraean Games, dedicated to the Greek goddess Hera, are the first recorded women's athletic competition in history.They were held at the same stadium as the Olympic games at Olympia.Forbes publishes a list with the "", 7 of the 10 best paid women athletes played tennis.The auto racer, Danica Patrick (#5, million in earnings), ice skater Kim Yuna (#7, million) and golfer Yani Tseng (#10, .1 million) complete the list of the best paid women in sports.


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