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Extended Essay 2009-58
The study shows that pasteurized orange juice is an efficient substitute for freshly squeezed orange juice due to its longer shelf life and additive-free characteristics.

Also, the EE may not be written across different subjects – it must concentrate on one subject only, unless the student is writing under the World Studies topic.

However, some subjects include several disciplines, with an emphasis towards one.

From these three types, it is possible to identify, compare and contrast the benefits each one has towards human bodies.

The scope of investigation is narrowed down to focus on the method of processing and characteristics of each type of orange juice.

Like the theory of knowledge (TOK essay and presentation), and participation in creativity, action, service activities, the extended essay is a mandatory prerequisite for the award of the IB Diploma.

However, students taking the IB Certificate program do not have the Extended Essay in their program.Word count: 3936 words APPENDIX A: Primary data survey Survey was constructed for 50 people.They were asked to rank the given 10 brands of orange juice according to their personal liking. Introduction International Baccalaureate Presbyterian Ladies' College Extended Essay Biology 'Investigation and Comparison of nutritional values and health impact between freshly squeezed orange juice and two types of processed orange juice' Research Question: How well can processed orange juice be consumed in substitution of freshly squeezed orange juice, in term of its nutritional value and its impact on human health?Candidate Name: Ratima Kiatsommart Supervisor Name: Annabel Henriques Abstract "How well can processed orange juice be consumed in substitution of freshly squeezed orange juice, in term of its nutritional value and its impact on human health" This essay focuses on an investigation of three main distinct types of orange juice - Freshly squeezed, pasteurized and Juice from concentrate.As this experiment was investigated the level of vitamin C in a short period of time.The level of vitamin C content over a period of time has to be explored further in the next section. Conclusion Juice is pasteurized for less time for to acquire a shorter shelf life so consumers will buy the juice more frequently as the expirary date is reach faster.However, between pasteurized orange juice and juice from concentrate are expected to be similar as Vitamin C (300) is added into the juice to maintain nutritional value for the juice after the loss in thermal processing.From this experiment, the processed orange juice can partially replace the nutritional value given by the freshly squeezed one.Benefits of fresh orange juice and the impacts of the both processed orange juice towards human health were explored in more depth.Many aspects of the characteristics of the orange juice were taken into account and enable the comparison to be more efficient.


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