Examples Of Dnp Capstone Projects

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I did a preliminary study that showed our general hospital wide readmission risk calculator was not reliable in neurology and neuro ICU patients.

I created an e-learning training module for registered nurses on the mechanisms by which sickle cell disease patients experience pain, the barriers they face with reporting their self-reported pain score, and how that translates to nursing pain interventions.

This project allowed me to pilot the first UF Health Shands education module on this topic, and inspire very promising opportunity for continued nursing education in this specialty.” “I selected this as my DNP project because working in the neuroscience ICU, we found that many of our patients were getting readmitted to the hospital, despite having a low readmission risk prediction score from the hospital-wide general readmission risk predictor.

It’s taking a practice from psychiatry and making it into an easy cheat sheet for use in primary care.” “An area of nursing always near and dear to my heart is caring for those with sickle cell disease.

For my Doctor of Nursing Practice project, I wanted to choose something that was going to benefit both our patients at UF Health, as well as our nurses.

Graduates serve as nurse practitioners who can lead change in clinical care and healthcare policy, and they fill critical needs for primary and specialty care providers across the state of Florida and our nation. Highlighted here are just a few of our outstanding 2019 graduates: “When a patient comes in with depression, there are two primary treatment modalities: psychotherapy and/or medication.

degree is a practice-focused doctorate designed to prepare expert nurses in specialized advanced practice roles. This project focuses on identifying, analyzing, and improving problems that impact patient care.

Krueger Alexandra Coad Can app technology improve health literacy? Bumbach Samuel Dunlop Exploring CAUTI Rates Pre and Post Standardized Protocol | Project Chairperson: L.

Duckworth Katelyn Einck Suicide prevention | Project Chairperson: S.

The University of Florida College of Nursing is proud of its highly ranked Doctor of Nursing Practice, or D. They can target depression by specific symptomatology, or secondary symptoms, to better select medication.

I made a clinical decision-making tool that a primary care provider could hold in their hand and use as a reference sheet.


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