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He dates the beginning of comparative education as a systematic study to the early 19th century. interest in international education studies has waxed and waned over the decades, but it grew particularly keen after the National Commission on Excellence in Education issued its report, The data cited in that report seized the interest of policy makers, who had little previous knowledge of or interest in comparative international education statistics but who subsequently evolved into strong proponents of comparative research at both state and cross-national lev- For example, “International comparisons of student achievement . The United States was challenged to be first in the world in mathematics and science achievement by the turn of the century, and to ensure that every adult “will be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy” (Rothman, 2002).

He mentions early reservations about the limitations of what is likely to be learned from such study. This focus on comparisons of achievement brought valuable attention to the potential benefits of learning about education in other countries.

He cited one educator who claimed that “the practical value of studying other systems of education is that much can be learned about one’s own system of education.” His second claim was that “what goes on outside the schools matters even more than the things inside schools to an understanding of any system of education” (p. However, the country rankings that were so widely publicized did little to suggest the breadth of international research. In contrast, education systems in many other countries encompass a far greater degree of diversity.

Cuban (1988) has argued that one remarkable feature of U. For example, there tends to be great diversity across nations regarding what citizens expect of their schools, what roles teachers play in society, and what education services governments and private organizations provide. The effort to provide a quality education to all of America’s students has increasingly used international comparisons to assess our school’s effectiveness and to generate ideas about ways to reform our schools” (U. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 1994:ii,1). Studies such as PISA, for example, demonstrate that high average performance does not have to be associated with the wide disparities in performance found in the United States.

The increasing scrutiny of earlier studies has revealed their limitations and the consequent need for improvement in the planning, execution, and dissemination of international comparative research….

The lack of an adequate system of education indicators to inform education policy making has become increasingly apparent.

It is a triennial survey of the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in the principal industrialized countries. The purpose of this report—which is directed to federal sponsors of international comparative education research, domestic and international researchers, private foundations, and state and district officials who are eager to improve their part of the U. education system—is to lay out the rationale for such research; describe its scope, purpose, and potential impact; and make recommendations regarding future directions.

It assesses how far students have acquired some of the knowledge and skills that the study considers essential for full participation in society. to the persistence of an inwardly focused approach to education studies in the United States. Fundamentally, international comparative studies contribute to basic education research by documenting the existence of a much broader array of educational practices and outcomes than is available in the United States alone.


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