Evolution Vs Creationism Essay

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And so we see how a worldview can impact human behavior.

Here, we see murder, a most disapproved human behavior, not only condoned, but encouraged.

However, regardless of the inability to prove either concept, most public school systems promote evolution as a scientific fact.... Evolution Essays] - In this philosophical scientific research paper, I will proceed as follows.

First I will address the pros and cons of creation and evolution.

Second, I will analyze the philosophical scientific causes of this issue in light of St. Last I will infer my own results and therefore propose some scientific suggestions.

Many people have asked the question, where did we come from.

Evolution is the procedure by which various types of living creatures created and differentiated from before structures amid the historical backdrop of the Earth.

Creationism is the conviction that life and the universe was made by a heavenly being, a transcendent, kindhearted God.

"Nature" doesn't desire "the mating of weaker with stronger individuals, even less does she desire the blending of a higher with a lower race, since if she did, her whole work of higher breeding, over perhaps hundreds of thousands of years, might be ruined with one blow." [1] "Thus, from the war of nature, from famine and death, the most exalted object which we are capable of conceiving, namely, the production of the higher animals, directly follows." [2] And as humans are merely a species of animal, we have no intrinsic value and are therefore by no means exempt from "the war of nature." Thus, we have Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) asking the rhetorical question, "should I not also have the right to eliminate millions of an inferior race that multiplies like vermin? Well, not if you subscribe to the evolutionary worldview.

And while the recognition of design in biology may have theological implications, it is not based upon religious premise - it's based upon empirical observation and logic. As species advance, superior species eliminate inferior species -- "survival of the fittest." Weak and inferior members of a species should be eliminated for the preservation of superior bloodlines and for the conservation of essential resources.


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