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Nations of the world which have their own reserves are not supplying energy resources anymore; only the old contracts made decades ago are active.

Airplanes, trains, cars, motorbikes, buses and trucks, all modes of transportation are coming to a stand still.

On top of that the government which talked about Pakistan’s supposedly booming economy failed to understand the gravity of the situation.

General Musharraf (R) after becoming Chief Executive used to talk about building dams especially Kalabagh Dam.

Pakistan has been facing an unprecedented energy crisis since the last few years. Those without generators and UPS faced tremendous problems.

The prices of both continued to increase due to a sharp increase in their demand.

The policy makers of Pakistan have so far failed to understand one thing.

They do talk about making dams and setting up nuclear power plants but why do they not understand the importance and benefits of alternate energy sources such as solar, windmill energy etc.

The basic flaws that our study identified are related to circular debt, and the inadequate capacity of our electricity production and distribution systems.

Also I emphasized on some prospective alternatives to our electricity production that are cheaper and they provide more cleanly electric energy as compared to fossil fuel run energy plants. During the peak crisis there was a power outage of 3-4 hours everyday.


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