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For the book is written as an argument, and breaking the stranglehold of materialism is its purpose. the recognition of the fundamental reality of consciousness is the prerequisite and a necessary and sufficient condition for an individual’s quest for lasting happiness and, at the same time, the foundation of world peace.

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If you know him from his recent appearances at the SAND conference, or from his meetings and retreats in the UK or the States, you will likely have come away with the impression of an acute mind, uncompromising in its focus and intent, refusing to take a single step away from the reality of immediate experience.

In this he embodies the male approach to knowledge, clarity personified, with an inevitability about the unfolding of his thoughts and words.

The essays have more thematic unity than it might seem from the collection's title.

Lepore and Loewer, together and separately, explore and develop a broadly Davidsonian program, with a particular focus on Davidson's theories about meaning and about the mind.

This discipline is the great strength of Rupert’s recently-published book, .

There is no speculation, no drifting to other realms of possibility where less ordered minds are fond of traveling.

But if Barbarella understands German and Cinderella does not, Barbarella may also acquire the justified beliefs that it is snowing and that Arabella believes that it is snowing.

What justifies the first of these beliefs, Lepore and Loewer argue, is that Barbarella knows that ' Es schneit' is true in German if and only if it is snowing; what justifies the second is that she has reason to believe that Arabella believes ' Es schneit' is true in German if and only if it snowing (p. Thus Barbarella's ability to acquire these beliefs is explained by her knowledge of the truth-conditions of ' Es schneit'.

And like sages down the ages he trips a deft dance with metaphors, changing them to keep pace with the progress of his argument: old ones, new ones, a few repeated, with exponential benefit, again and again throughout the book - the sun illuminating itself, the movie, and the screen it’s playing on.

It is a serious book with a serious purpose, but the rather humorless progression of its argument is illuminated with deep insights from art and poetry – Shakespeare, Blake, Wordsworth, Tennyson - delightful anecdotes, warmth and compassion for the human search for happiness, and beautiful writing.


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