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They put their bodies at risk for the sake of others.

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To make meaningful intimacy one requires social courage.

It enables one to put one’s self out there in order to create relationships with other people.

People often condone various forms of violence because they lack the moral courage to take a stand against violence.

For instance, many people will stand by and watch a parent abusing their children or spouses but will not take any action because they fear getting involved in what they consider none of their business.

Developing relationships calls for an investment of a person’s time and emotions.

The investment may not pay off and so a person must be willing to take the risk of failing and encountering rejection.In so doing they bring up children who are not ashamed of their disabilities and they can have the courage to integrate in the society and lead meaningful lives.Such parents are only able to accept such children because they have social courage.The creative courage enables one to come up with ways of changing the society.A person who has creative courage can choose to go against the majority and do something different that is right.When a person lacks social courage, they can become loners and feel very isolated.Thus, one must be willing to overcome fear and interact with other people even those that are often neglected by others because they are seen to be different.By choosing to a road, that few would such a person can make a difference and show that people do not need to have dirty music and videos to produce good music.They can incorporate a message that challenges the use of drugs or sex and in this way; they can bring about a positive change among the people in society.They risk injuries or even death and to do so they must have physical courage otherwise they would fear putting themselves at risk for others.Another instance that demonstrates physical courage in the recent time is the efforts of the workers in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant who have been working to stop the emission of radioactive fumes.


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