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This continued for quite a while and when the germans invaded France and took over, there was a strict penalty for inappropriate behavior, sometimes even death.

In WWII there was so much of this art put up that it basically defined the period between 19.

And we only become aware of this, perhaps, when we come against something like Broodthaers square. Artworks call their own public into being through their mode of address.

Broodthaers mode of address is rather severe and authoritarian.

Eventually these posters were not granted Liberty because they could incite action from the public so readily.

They were scrutinized and given boundaries as to what they could say.

[...][...] Artistic propaganda is nothing new in France and in fact has been going on since 1539 when the first political posters were put up.

As these became more prevalent they became more powerful and more widely used to advertise a particular way of thinking.

[...][...] There is a public dimension to making art.

And this isn't to do with how many people if any get to see the object or the event but it's because making visual art is making visual. And so it is public whether or not anyone actually gets to see it and so all artworks in a sense call their own public into being.


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