Essays In Ancient Egyptian Studies

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Next the embalmers put natron salt inside and they rubbed it with oils and spices, while saying prayers as well.

After 70 days, the body was taken out and wrapped around in papyrus or thin strips of lenen.

Throth was the god of wisdom, Sekhem was the god of medicine, Hathor was the goddess of love and dancing, and Sobek was the god of water.

There were many temples that were dedicated to gods and goddesses in ancient Egypt.

She married her half-brother Tuthmose II and they had a girl called Neferure.

Hatshepsut was Egypt’s Pharaoh for twenty- one year, approximately from 1479-1458 B. After the death of Hatshepsut’s father, her half-brother and husband Tuthmose II succeeded to the throne.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.There were also much more cultural activities like, the custom of mummification, written language like Hieroglyphics, the use of spices, medicine, and papyrus, which was unique to ancient Egypt. Egyptians believed that mummies keep living in another world even when they are dead.Back then, the Egyptians believed that the Egyptian gods weighed the person’s heart when he/she tries to enter the next life.She belonged to Eighteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom.Her father was Pharaoh Tuthmose I and her mother was Pharoah Amenophris I’s sister queen Ahmes.A total of about 70 million mummies were made in 3000 years! Natural mummies just become dried out in the sun or buried in the ice or get smoked. It is believed that pharaohs became gods after mummification. Carter and his team discovered the intact tomb of King Tutankhamun, and his mummy. Seth became the god of the chaotic world and Osiris became the underworld god.This discovery made us more aware of some of the Ancient Egyptian way of life. Isis was the mother of all gods, who resurrected and married her brother Osiris and their son was Horus the sky god.He was believed to have been frequently neglected due to his deformity. He was killed by his own brother Seth, who was very jealous of Osiris. Bes was a very important god who protected the women and the child during childbirth.It is thought all pharaohs became Osiris when they died. Khunum was the god who was supposed to have created mankind on a potters’ wheel and breathed life into them.


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