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Therefore, it seemed only fitting to ask someone who hadn’t learned about cacao and find out what role chocolate has played in their life.

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At this point you would be left with a raw cacao nib that would be very bitter with a dirt texture if you attempted to taste it.

However, the next step would be to process that cacao nib into the chocolate we’ve grown to love.

The trunk of the tree is so fragile that it cannot be damaged when the pod is being removed or it will not be able to grow a pod there again. Once a pod is cut down from the tree it then undergoes a variety of processes.

The first is usually fermentation where the little beans are set out to dry in either trays or banana leaves, cleaned, then stored.

They then are roasted to kill off any bacteria or contaminants.

Finally, they are winnowed where the shell is separated from the bean removing any last remaining germs.Lindt truffles are fancy with a remarkable soft, melted inside that is so satisfying.” So what makes all of these brands so unique to allow people to have such a preference?Of course every person has specific taste buds and anyone can argue that it’s all personal opinion but there are specific reasons as to why different brands taste differently.I sat down this weekend to really think about, and compare the differences.I compared my two favorite types of chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.It prefers to grow under a canopy of other trees with the air still easily breezing threw.Cacao trees are cauliflory meaning that the flower or fruit grows from the main stem or trunk therefore, the cacao pod grows directly on the trunk not from its branches. It’s rich succulent flavor melts on your tongue and forces you to take another bite.The moment it was discovered it has been cherished by all who have consumed it.Again, I asked my friend what her favorite chocolate was, she explained; “Cadbury and Lindor Lindt chocolate are very refined.Cadbury has a unique taste that’s different from other brands with a much thicker candy coating compared to M&M’s.


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