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The city has a great administering system on airports.

The city has a great administering system on airports.It comprises of eight airports out of which six are the busiest.It’s one of the best transportation systems in the world.

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It is the capital and the most famous city of England.

Its eminence is due to the presence of river Thames.

In addition to that, other living creatures that are located in Greater London are mice, rabbit, rats, squirrels, hedgehogs, vole and shrew. You can reach anywhere you want within time as the bus facility never stops and the bus comes on exact time.

This bus system has 8,500 buses with more than 700 routes.

you can also have traditional British food out there at many places like Rules, which is the oldest restaurant in London, and also in the pubs.

London comprises of many historical places like House of Parliament, St.London provides the outstanding exhibitions at the Science Museum, Museum of London, London Transport Museum, Design Museum, and Natural History Museum. As we know that there exist many cultures in London, so this feature offers us with a variety of food.This includes the appetizing tastes of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, etc.James Palace, The Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, and St. These places are well organized and are looked after carefully.The city is full of greenery as there you can see many gardens, parks, and green open places.The presence of physical catalogs and trade show booths at convention bespeak the professionalism and quality of the company.Package design is still just as essential for retail companies to carry your products in a manner that is conducive to consumer sales, and print design for magazine and newspaper advertisements still drive online sales.British people are very loving, well- mannered, and considerate.The city is well known for its museums which make it the finest city in the world. The British museums are big, and few of them allows free entry.People from all around the world come here to approach higher studies. In London, autumn and spring seasons are pleasant and enjoyable.London is my favorite city as it offers the best stores for shopping. It is one of the things that most people like about London. To sum up, all the features mentioned above make London a favorite place for everyone.


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