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Look at the language we use: the verbs we associate with reading online, like ‘bookmark’ and ‘scroll’, come from the physical word of books.

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Why is print still traditionally more committed to long-form writing? For a sense of scale, Google tops the list: an average user spends on it a day.

And is it related to the way we perceive of economies of attention online? Alexa — the Amazon-owned service that publicly estimates website metrics — gives the average daily time on as three minutes and twenty-nine seconds. We spend half an hour a day on Facebook and five minutes and twenty-two seconds on (the first news/content site on Alexa’s top 500 list, ranked #57, way after all social networks and a number of local Google pages, including Google Russia and Google Spain).

It was started by the people who made Blogger (now Google’s blogging platform) but it circulates in very different ways: they have editors who promote worthy content; they invite — and pay — famous writers to contribute; and they arrange things by ‘collections,’ so that you can follow a topic, subject, or idea. Lose Your Mind: Why insanity is the new secret to artistic success’ (complete with an image of Marina Abramovic in The Artist is Present).

Articles from Medium do circulate very well, but at the end of the day, the site is less of a collection of writing the way it is presented, and more an experiment in pushing certain content via online distribution channels, more like Vox Media and Upworthy than The Awl.

And with that comes the interesting assumption that rigor is built into length.

That connection is the result of the gruellingly slow shift toward digital publishing and the presumptions (not to say prejudices) concerning the quality of what is published online.

It’s the result of the idea that on the internet, ‘content’ is king.

One example of the corporate style of Medium is its classification system of tagging articles by length, informing readers upfront with the time it will take them to read any given piece on the site.

We pride ourselves on these feature stories, many of which fall into the new Internet category of "Longreads ," and think that we produce some of the best long-form technology narratives on the Web.

The word ‘longreads’ links to an article in the New York Times, published just six months earlier, entitled ‘Longreads: A Digital Renaissance for the Long-form? People have been using the words ‘longform’ and ‘longread’ before.


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