Essay Why Community Service Is Important

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Read More I would never have thought that community service could be such a reward experience.

As the oldest child and growing without my mom, I never had the opportunity of having someone that could help me with my homework or help me when I needed something. Read More It has been suggested that students should be required to complete community service hours in order to be accepted into colleges and universities.

Many great futurist often emphasize on the importance of community service, how it can make a unique difference.

As a youth filled with potentials, you will need to imbibe the culture of volunteering in our community to create chance for the upcoming generation.

One way that makes the heart feel better is that mindset of an engaging servitude to one’s community in form of community service.

Volunteering to change other people’s life becomes the number one priority to people who value the ideals of togetherness and shared prosperity within the community at large.There are many reasons to choose community service as a distinct priority of one’s day-to-day activism of life.While some individuals engage in community service just because it is the quickest way to get noticed and be acknowledged, some others simply take it as a way of life.Read More Some students think its not important to have some community service before they graduate highschool .But what they dont know thatby helping the environment they are also many advantagesfor them.Community service volunteering can also be an avenue to explore areas that interest you most.Volunteering has no time limit; you can volunteer as much as little as you’d like or have time for and still feel some intense of fulfillment which makes you happy and heart relieved.I was 14 years old when my parents received a letter that we have a permission to come to Canada as permanent residences.For the family of 7 kids and parents it was the ...The most important thing I cherished about community service is the opportunity to make a mark on both local and global communities.Many a great minds and community activists see community service volunteering as an avenue to exhibit compassion show understanding and solve nagging problems by proffering veritable solutions.


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