Essay Themes For 1984

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The importance of a society which does work without any happiness or communication with other workers shows just how well the inner party eliminated friendship.

Therefore, friendship in Oceania was virtually nonexistent as everyone was concentrating on their jobs and their association with the big brother.

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The government of Oceania controlled love and friendship amongst its citizens.

Essay Themes For 1984

The story of 1984 presents a government which attempted to hold the lives of its citizens at ransom and which insists the life of these people maintain an allegiance to the big brother only.However, perhaps the most interesting of his books is the one called 1984.In this book, several themes appear although perhaps the most imperative are the way the government controls love and friendship.The stories written by George Orwell feature several critical themes.Orwell wrote several books which held stories of interest to the life of people during his days and the prospects of the future.Therefore, it is easy to determine that the big brother and the inner party successfully managed friendship in Oceania and virtually destroyed it.The nation of Oceania lives in love of the big brother rather than love of each other.Through such actions as the time when Obrien betrays the two lovers to the inner party, the reader can realize that Oceania is full of traitors and liars and lacks true friends who can tell the truth.Similarly, when Winston betrays Julia by shouting that Obrien should hurt Julia and not him, the level to which the governance controls friendship becomes evident.The big brother and the inner party of Oceania tried to ensure a state of complete friendlessness.In the book 1984, the author displays a state where all the activities are centered on trying to please the big brother.


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