Essay On What The National Anthem Means To Me

The national anthem of the Netherlands, "Wilhelmus", adopted as national anthem in 1932, originates in the 16th century: It was written between 15 during the Dutch Revolt and its current melody variant was composed shortly before 1626, and was a popular orangist march during the 17th century.

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When teams from two different nations play each other, the anthems of both nations are played, the host nation's anthem being played last.

In some countries, the national anthem is played to students each day at the start of school as an exercise in patriotism, such as in Tanzania.

Following this, several nations moved to adopt as official national anthem patriotic songs that had already been in de facto use at official functions, such as Mexico (Mexicanos, al grito de guerra, composed 1854, adopted 1943), Switzerland ("Swiss Psalm", composed 1841, de facto use from 1961, adopted 1981).

By the period of decolonisation in the 1960s, it had become common practice for newly independent nations to adopt an official national anthem.

Adoption of national anthems prior to the 1930s was mostly by newly formed or newly independent states, such as the First Portuguese Republic (A Portuguesa, 1911), the Kingdom of Greece ("Hymn to Liberty", 1865), the First Philippine Republic (Marcha Nacional Filipina, 1898), Lithuania (Tautiška giesmė, 1919), Weimar Germany (Deutschlandlied, 1922), Republic of Ireland (Amhrán na bh Fiann, 1926) or Greater Lebanon ("Lebanese National Anthem", 1927).

The Olympic Charter of 1920 introduced the ritual of playing the national anthems of the gold medal winners.

In the early modern period, some European monarchies adopted royal anthems.

Some of these anthems have survived into current use.

From this time, the playing of national anthems became increasingly popular at international sporting events, creating an incentive for such nations that did not yet have an officially defined national anthem to introduce one.

The United States introduced the patriotic song The Star-Spangled Banner as national anthem in 1931.


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