Essay On The Role Of Women In The Pakistan Movement

Essay On The Role Of Women In The Pakistan Movement-74
They think that girls are unable to feed the family so they are a burden on them.A large number of girls in Pakistan continue to live as a burden, which is utter shame for the society.

Trotsky, famous Russian revolutionary leader, truly said Woman is the slave of the slaves.

Political conditions of women in Pakistan are also very poor. She has no right participate in active politics, right to raise her voice.

She remains within the walls of house for whole life and is not allowed to be part of public domain.

Practice of early marriages is common in far flung areas.

At the end of the day she taunted of being sitting idle in home. Even if a middle class woman determines to earn bread for her family she faces immense difficulties.

She prefers to get a teaching job so that she can spare time for house hold works.

A large number of woman in poor areas die while giving birth to child. Unlike rural women, urban women have freedom to be part of public sphere. In offices she is sexually or verbally harassed by her colleagues and seniors. Even in universities, girls are black mailed by teachers otherwise she gets poor marks.

Media girls have been constant target of their co-workers.

As teaching is not considered a full time job, she is paid very low in private schools.

A large number of poverty ridden families from rural areas settle in large cities.


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