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In addition, military tactics were advancing at an impressive rate that would influence modern tactics – some of which are still practiced today.In essence, the French Revolution and the following Napoleonic Era produced enlightened notions and techniques that critically affected the progression of modern, Western society.Napoleon established himself as the Emperor of France, creating a massive havoc against its allies due to its attempt to revive the Holy Roman Empire’s ideology to reintroduce a massive campaign on establishing a reign of terror across Europe and its global territories overseas.

The effect of French Revolution in India made a significant transformation with regard to the safety and security of India.

The British forces provided a secured territorial haven for the Indian Territory against other maritime powers such as the Dutch, Spaniards, Portuguese, and Germans during the height of the European exploration.

A prime example of this idea is conveyed through the French Revolution slogan, “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity”.

Moreover, Napoleon Bonaparte progressed French society though many of his implemented ideals that contributes to the standards of modern society.

Furthermore, the idea of fraternity, or nationalism, was explored during the Storming of the Bastille which occurred in July 14, 1789.

The middle class and peasants banded together to fight a mutual cause: overthrowing the absolute rule.

India’s economic hub transformed into a new dimension, in which British colonizers began shipping local products between India and the British Empire established a new maritime route.

Indians started to land in the British Isles during the French Revolution to avoid getting caught in a crossfire between the military forces of the French Empire.

Moreover, not only did the revolt of the middle class allow society to be released from the ancien regime, it generated the entire principle of equality.

Since the foundations of a democracy were being revealed, a core value in a democratic society is equality across everyone.


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