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Although we don’t know the reason the prioress becoming the nun, she mustn’t have gone to the convent because of believing in god for she lacked a true religious calling.Besides, as for her background, there are many suggestions she was from a noble family.Some characters are considered sinful because of their greed and selfishness.

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The tales also vary, illustrating popular medieval genres: romance, fable, saint’s life, fabliau (a coarse, comic tale), exemplum (a story designed to illustrate the theme of a sermon).

Chaucer the pilgrim burlesques a type of popular romance, but his satirical purpose goes unrecognized and the Host will not allow him to finish.

In the Middle Ages, a woman might have several reasons to be a nun.

Some of them, for example, wanted to dedicate themselves to the God; or their families couldn’t afford a daughter and sent them to the convent; or they were not attractive enough to appeal a man and got marriage so they went to the convent.

He judges each person by his own standards of moral behavior.

Chaucer also seems to keep in mind that he is human himself, and therefore, by that reason alone, he cannot condemn any of his characters' behavior.

Other characters are considered good because of their occupation and/or reputation in their respective communities.

The same goes for the way Chaucer approaches the malevolent side of the spectrum.

The hot-tempered Reeve, a carpenter by profession, responds in kind.

The Wife of Bath baits the Monk, who has interrupted her.


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