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When you become adept at analyzing, processing, and combining concepts and develop the academic language needed to describe these intellectual activities, you will be able to demonstrate and share your own original thinking with peers and academic mentors.The keys to developing these skills are the awareness and the practice of addressing reflective questions such as: Return to top of page Learning to write at the college level can prove to be a difficult task for even the best students.

A first step to taking control of your time is to become aware of your personal goals and priorities so that you can design a schedule that fits you.

Getting to know yourself involves learning how to check back in with yourself in order to regulate your performance and to tweak your plans according to your evolving goals.

Mounting pressures from assignment due dates and looming exams can seem overwhelming if you are unprepared to manage your stress and anxiety.

Learning to manage anxiety and stress will allow you to focus on achieving academic success.

Reviewing returned exams to learn what you did incorrectly will help you avoid those same mistakes on future exams.

The following resources will help improve your exam preparation and performance: ([email protected]) •Preparing for Exams & Ten Traps of Studying •Conquering Essay Tests •Examining Returned Tests Note: These are external links that will open in a new window.By effectively coping with or learning to avoid anxiety and stress, you will A first step in managing anxiety and stress is to identify what situations trigger your stress or anxiety and to learn to respond to those situations appropriately.Learn to manage your time effectively to avoid unnecessary time pressures and to ensure that you are fully prepared for exams.By learning to become a better writer, you are taking an important step towards academic success.The writing skills you learn in college will prepare you for successfully transitioning to the professional environment.•Dealing with Test Anxiety •Exercise Makes Your Brain Brighter at Any Age •Foods that Increase Brain Power •Mercer University Counseling & Psychological Services •Mercer University Recreational Sports & Wellness •Mercer University Fitness Center Return to top of page Learning styles vary from student to student, and teaching styles vary from instructor to instructor.Identifying your own preferred method of learning or learning style will help you recognize and overcome the gaps between your professor's teaching style and your learning style.Most learners benefit from studying in chunks, adopting an active learning style, and taking advantage of mechanical memory aids.The following resources will help improve your concentration and memory.Return to top of page Since challenging material and comprehensive exams constitute the core of the college curriculum and performance measures, successful students must develop habits that foster concentration and purposeful memorization.When you put good concentration and memory strategies to use, you will A first step to improving your concentration and memory is to find a good place to study and to develop regular study habits so you can focus on your learning instead of your organization.


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