Essay On Political Situation In Pakistan

This desire to ascend to power is not surprising coming from Imran Khan.His sudden increase in popularity in 2011-2012 opened a new chapter in Pakistan’s political landscape.Being excluded from the political process was a price they paid, yet they did not give up their ethical political positions in the face of adversity; they did not compromise.

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This process is analogous to how, in the late ’60s, many joined the PPP under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s leadership.

Then too, while starting with a group of young members, mostly middle-class professionals and with support from left-wing student groups, Bhutto by the mid-’70s eventually attracted the Pirs, Makhdooms, Chaudhrys and Khans.

Much has been written on these pages about the restriction of political space, the influence of the proverbial “hidden hand” and the overzealous judiciary during the current election cycle.

On the contrary, there needs to be an analysis of what our own democratic political groups are presenting as an alternative in terms of ethical politics.

The taste of power (the government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and some seats in the parliament, yet the disappointment in not being able to decisively defeat the PML-N in Punjab (that is all that matters these days and perhaps PTI was “promised” more) has made Imran Khan feel that this year is his “turn”, come what may.

Hence, PTI has opened its door to the traditional elite, especially in rural Punjab, and hopes that they would help increase the captain’s chances.

Despite many apprehensions about what his party actually stood for, its surge in popular appeal brought a younger generation of potential voters into the political arena.

There was also a move among disaffected prominent political figures from other parties to drift towards PTI and the party, for the first time, became a political player in 2013 when general elections were last held in Pakistan.

It was accused of stealing the elections from the leftist candidate, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas.

That historical defeat has finally been vindicated by the recent victory by the progressive candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador against the PRI in Mexico.


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