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The final group of essays focuses on the exploration of the landscape of what was called "the universe within; featuring, among a variety of other texts, Schillers plays This collection, which travels from the interior of continents to the interior of the mind, is itself a set of explorations that revel in the discovery of what was half-hidden in language.Written by a scholar of international repute, it is eye-opening reading for all those with an interest in the literary and cultural history of (and since) the Enlightenment.This outward turn was complemented by a fascination with "the world within as anthropology and ethnology focused on the humanity of the indigenous populations of far-away lands an interest in human nature that suggested a way for Europeans to understand themselves, encapsulated in Gauguins Tahitian rumination "What are we?

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When studying literature at college or university, students examine and analyze literary works, use different techniques in both writing and editing, and gain experience in translating various texts.

After completing a program in literature, every student is able to: Besides a text you are analyzing or reviewing, make sure to find some supporting literature.

In the most general sense, literature is a form of written works.

It may be considered in different shapes, for example: communication, writing, a part of culture and a branch of knowledge.

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Literature is one of the most versatile disciplines ever.

Most popular fiction genres are drama, poetry, fantasy, fable, horror, realistic fiction, science fiction and others.

And genres that fall under nonfiction category are essay, biography, narrative or speech.

"Errand into the Wilderness: The American Careers of Some Cambridge Divines in the Pre-Commonwealth Era 3.

At Home in the World: Scholars and Scientists Expanding Horizons 4.


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