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I deeply feel, and think of myself, as Canadian, involving all the sensibilities that are often attributed to them in the context of multicultural society and the tolerance for others, in "othering the other" (KAYA, p.108), that go with it.

And yet, while I am writing, I realize that the story I really want and have to write is an "incompossible" (DERRIDA 1998, p.7) story, one that is impossible to compose.culture, identity, autobiography, activity theory, cultural theory Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2.1 Meanwhile, everything begins 2.2 Culture, activity, and identity 3.Lived and Constructed Cultural Identity: Autobiography 3.1 Pluricultural experiences and identity 3.2 Racism: Markers of difference 3.3 Diaspora and religious boundaries 3.4 Multiculturalism, pluriculturalism 3.5 Person, identity, and lived experience 4.In several municipalities, the number of individuals reporting multiple ethnic origins exceeds 50%. What is the culture in reference to which my identity is being constructed?[] What characterizes this new breed of people, those that marry across traditional cultural boundaries and the children that issue from such unions? What is the value of the notion of culture, as in cultural psychology, cultural anthropology, or cultural sociology in a world that is increasingly characterized by is syncretism, bricolage of culture and bricolage of identity?Cultural Psychology 4.1 Content and structure 4.2 Some points of critique 4.3 My personal summary 5.5.1 Content and structure 5.2 Points of convergence and only minor hesitations 5.3 My personal summary 6. Preface From the perspective of a reflexive phenomenological hermeneutic, understanding () stand in a dialectical relation (RICŒUR 1991).Reading a book, analyzing and explaining its structural features and content presuppose understanding (Verstehen); but the development of understanding presupposes explaining and the structural analysis it involves.Understanding is required to follow a story and explaining is required "when spontaneous understanding is impeded" (p.142).A similar experience transpires from the poem "Doppelmann" by the Turkish-German Zafer SENOCAK (1984, p.102).He too writes about the two worlds within him that pull him in different directions, neither being whole, the split between them running right through his tongue.


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