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Cognitive therapy also teaches people how certain thinking patterns are causing their symptoms.

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Through analysis of patient’s different thoughts to determine how they would affect him/her, the psychologist helps the patient to replace bad or negative results with good and positive ones.

Given the fact that it is easier said than done, the psychologists assigns the patient some homework whereby he/she applies these thoughts in the depressing situation.

This can be reactions such as fear, rage or depression, and self-defeating or self-damaging behavior.

It also teaches people how to calm their mind and body, so they can feel better, think more clearly, and make better decisions.

Cognitive therapy is in most cases a short-term treatment that can have long-term results.

I will discuss depression in adolescence and how it affects personal adjustments, which may often continue into adulthood. There are different approaches to treating depression, the main approach that will be discussed is cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a way to break the cycle of depression. Cognitive behavior therapy helps people break the connections between difficult situations and their habitual reactions to them.

“These maladaptive thought patterns are also known as negative or maladaptive schemas, or core beliefs.

Core beliefs are fundamental assumptions people have made that influence how they view the world and themselves.” As people think in a given way for prolonged time, these thoughts become habits and people stop questioning them as they become part of life.

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION Introduction Cognitive behavioral therapy helps improve people's moods and behavior by changing their way thinking; also, how they interpret events and talk to themselves.

This form of psychotherapy helps guide people into thinking more realistically and teaches them coping strategies to deal with their depression.


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