Essay On Boxing Should Not Be Banned

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It may be that the seemingly inhumane aim of causing your opponent to lose consciousness by punching them separates boxing from other sports.

And, for some reason, the relatively rare fatalities seem to get far more press than the insidious long-term effects of a career in boxing or other contact or combat sports.

Boxing is not the only sport associated with fatal injuries.

But we seem more tolerant of fatalities in other sports; you don’t see calls for their abolition when someone dies.

A completely preposterous figure when you take into consideration that it is the boxer who is knocking the years of his life with each fight he takes part in, and not the manager.

Boxers are the means by which managers make their money; to be financially used is to be in the profession of boxing.

All it takes in the ring is for a fighter to get riled and through one wild, thoughtless punch, full of malice at an opponent for excruciating pain to be inflicted.

Professionals can punch hard, and both the speed and the weight behind it can certainly cause extensive damage if aimed anywhere near the head.

If you’re evaluating the safety of a sport, you have to consider the whole gamut of potential injuries they cause, not just death.

Major traumatic injuries, frequently to the head and face, are also much more common in motor sports, cycling, skiing, hockey and equestrian activities than in boxing.


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