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The guests conclude that Marston must have committed suicide as no one else could have poisoned his drink, and they retire to bed. Rogers notices that one of the figurines is missing. Rogers discovers that another figurine has been taken.

In the night, he discovers that his wife cannot wake up and one of the guests, Dr. The guests soon become suspicious of each other, variously suggesting that some of the party are not only guilty of the murders of which the voice accused them, but are also involved with the new deaths occurring on the island.

As a storm arrives, trapping them on the island, the guests discover that General Macarthur, an aged military man, has been bludgeoned to death.

They also notice that another figurine is missing and Mr.

However, when they return downstairs, they find Justice Wargrave dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

That night, Lombard finds his pistol in his bedside draw, and Vera sees a large, black hook on the ceiling of her room that she had not previously noticed. Armstrong has left his room, Vera, Lombard, and the final guest, an ex-detective named Mr.The two most popular Christie detectives, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, have also been successful on TV, with ITV’s running across four decades (1989-2013).This series made use of many recognisable Art Deco locations around Britain, featured a plethora of well-known and successful actors, and probably did more than any other television Christie to establish the ‘cosy’ formula.Too suspicious to sit with the others, Vera Claythorne, a governess, goes to take a bath but panics, believing someone is strangling her.Her screams bring the other guests running and, for a short while, they believe they have averted a murder.When the others agree to leave on the first available boat, one guest, Anthony Marston, argues they should stay and solve the mystery.However, he suddenly begins to choke on his drink and dies.Finally, the letter’s signature reveals that the person confessing to the murders and preparing to shoot himself is Justice Wargrave.Although, in some respects, it moves away from Christie’s usual detective fiction, is widely considered to be one of her best works, and is often celebrated for its impressive characterization and the intricacy and inventiveness of its plot.Blore, conclude that he must be the murderer and redouble their efforts to get off the island. Blore is bludgeoned to death, Vera and Lombard presume Dr. However, they then find the doctor’s drowned body washed up on the shore.Assuming that Lombard must therefore be the murderer, Vera shoots him with his own pistol before returning to her room to find a noose hanging from the ceiling hook. Later, investigating detectives are baffled by the ten deaths until a letter in a bottle washes up on the shore.


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