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as like/ alike just like similar to be alike be similar To introduce an opposite idea, and to contrast things however in contrast instead in/ by comparison nevertheless nonetheless on the other hand on the contrary still but yet although even though though whereas while despite in spite of compared to/ with be different (from) be dissimilar be unlike differ (from) Function Sentence Connectors Clause Connectors Others (Adjectives, Verbs, and Prepositions) Coordinators Subordinators To introduce an example for example for instance such as an example of To emphasize in fact To explain and restate indeed that is To introduce an alternative otherwise or if unless To signal chronological order first, second, etc. The pronoun it refers back to the subject, Gold , and connects the two sentence together.

Therefore, it is suitable for jewelry, coins, and ornamental puposes.

paragragh-a series of sentences or questions put together to make at least 5 or more fluent sentences, maybe even a short story. essay-short story basically including alomost all of the things listed above..usually 5 to 6 paragrahs depending on assignment and size..

Topic sentence-the main thing you are talking about just in a sentence structure supporting sentence- support and elaboration basically,just more detail under your topic sentence. NOT SO SURE ABOUT CONCLUDING SENTENCE AND COHERENCE..

We have one of the highest homicide rates in the world, which is aggravated by the government’s brutal crackdown on protesters.

This tragedy has prompted the largest exodus in Latin American history, with three million Venezuelans now living abroad.

His term of office was scheduled to expire in 1958.

But rather than calling for free and transparent presidential elections, he was undemocratically re-elected after holding a plebiscite on his administration late in 1957.

I would like to be clear about the situation in Venezuela: Mr. By continuing to stay in office, Nicolás Maduro is usurping the presidency.

Maduro’s re-election on May 20, 2018, was illegitimate, as has since been acknowledged by a large part of the international community. My ascension as interim president is based on Article 233 of the Venezuelan Constitution, according to which, if at the outset of a new term there is no elected head of state, power is vested in the president of the National Assembly until free and transparent elections take place. 23 cannot be considered a “self-proclamation.” It was not of my own accord that I assumed the function of president that day, but in adherence to the Constitution. At the time I lived in Vargas State, which borders the Caribbean.


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