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The un­ique advantage of this form is that from whichever side we look at it (as in nature) we see only a continuous surface which has neither beginning nor end and the more we look at it, the larger it appears.

This form has never been utilized and it is the only one appropriate to this monument, for its curve ensures that the onlooker cannot approach what he is looking at; he is forced as if by one hundred different circumstances outside his control, to remain in the place assigned to him and which, since it occupies the centre, keeps him at a sufficient distance to contribute to the illu­sion.

You will see a monument in which the onlooker finds himself as if by magic floating in the air, borne in the wake of images in the immensity of space.

Since the effect of this extraordinary image can be imperfectly represented by the drawing which can give only a notion of shape, I will attempt to supplement it with the following description.

By using your divine system, Newton, to create the sepulchral lamp that lights thy tomb, it seems that I have made myself sublime. I would have felt I was committing sacrilege if I had used any other decoration for this monument.

The conception of the interior of this tomb is in the same spirit.

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Boullée promoted the idea of making architecture expressive of its purpose, and frequently employed symbolism appropriate to the use of the building.

I turned over in my imagination all the magnificence of nature. I wanted to give Newton that immortal resting place, the Heavens.

If you have the drawing in front of you, you will see what could have been considered impossible.


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