Essay About The The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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It leaves the reader questioning, what price should be paid to attain the luxuries one wants from life?

While Kino did not intend to lose any of these attributes in his quest for a better life, his stubbornness guided him to murder and ultimate heartbreak.

The moral fiction and it's contants are found under the catagory of the book's characteristics.

The big characteristics of The Pearl are the appealing characters and the obvious allegory of man as a whole in relation to Kino and to his reaction (French 126).

The Pearl may be read as a parable in which people can take their own meaning as well as predicte their own ending to the novel (French 126).

The reader can see parable qualities of The Pearl by looking at the moral fiction of Kino or man in general, searching for the wealth, the security, and the freedom in life which is expressed in the novel (Mc Carthy 108).Every terrible event that happened was caused by the greed of man.It started with the doctor refusing help to Coyotito based on Kino and Juana’s wealth, or lack thereof.As Steinbeck unfolds The Pearl, he presents Kino as a, "angry, frightened, but resolute man, determined to keep what he has earned" (Beachler 62).He has earned "Pearl of the World," (Steinbeck 27) a legendary item of considerable wealth.Kino plays a role of a young diver who lives in a small village on the coastline of Mexico.Kino is thought of as, " 'a wise, primitive man' " (French 128) who is hungry for fortune because of the great pearl, which he discovers. You can use this password for unlimited period and you can share it with your friends! Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.Even his conscience, which is symbolized by the music in Kino's head, tries to warn him about his greed.This 'music' symbolizes ones own conscience in the real world.


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