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The term Purim refers to the lottery system that Haman used to decide what day the massacre would take place.

Plays re-enacting the story are popular during Purim.

It is clearly written and the graphics are, to put it simply, gorgeous. Cut out 3-inch diameter circles and spoon ½ teaspoon preserves or any other filling onto the middle.

According to Simnegar – the daughter of "anusim" or Crypto Jews who was born in Caracas, not Iran -- Esther in Farsi means “beautiful” (as the morning star). Gradually add the flour until a dough with smooth consistency is achieved. Pinch at the corners with wet fingers, sealing very well. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes until the bottom is golden.

A hamantash (pl.hamantaschen) is the iconic food of Purim.

Hamantaschen, which literally translate to "Haman’s pockets," are sweet triangular pastries.

Queen Esther risked her life with unmatched courage and dignity for her people, becoming one of the most important heroines for the Jews.” Simnegar further explains in her recipe for the traditional Purim pastry that actually “back in Iran there were no hamentaschen! " Very funny, considering that all the events that lead to Purim happened in Iran.

Traditionally, Persian Jewish families in Iran made halvah for Purim.” Halvah, she adds, became one of the staple foods to give away in the Mishloach Manot (food packages) that are traditionally given to friends on the holiday of Purim.

Persian halvah, she explains, is flour-based, with rose water.

“I love halvah,” Simnegar adds, “but I can't give up my hamentaschen on Purim! baking powder 5 cups flour Fillings (your choice) strawberry or apricot preservers chocolate chips or brownie mix, prepared according to pkg directions prune butter (lekvar) : 1.


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