Emerson Nature Essay Summary

“Nature” is a thought-provoking essay that describes his abstract thoughts about humanity’s relationship with nature.At first, he argues for a new approach to understanding nature by defining.It is his passage to the tranquility God has created through nature in him.

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He has a philosophy of seeing things new each day and that all sorts of nature have a beautiful influence, even if they are always present.

Another view of how Emerson views humans relationship with nature is that he believes that men own farms and fields but do not own the landscape or scenery.

Emerson mentions God when he talks about how he feels in the woods.

With vast space and bare ground beneath his feet and blissful air around him he feels as if he is nothing and sees everything.

He states, “I am part of a parcel of God.” Which portrays that he is a part of a package of something much more grand and divine than himself: God.

So, this shows that his religious belief that God is greater than him and he is nothing but a smaller part of the entire parcel, conveys that he may view nature, like God, is grander.By using the term theory of nature, Emerson is describing the human desire to make sense of creation and the world around us.Emerson considers that the relationship between most people and nature is that people take nature for granted.This gives one a chance to provoke greater insight into the world of nature than ever before.He states that through nature’s forms, it describes its own design, and that other interpretations are not needed to perceive it.As intelligent readers and Americans, we should treasure critical-thinking literature like Emerson's "Nature." Pieces like these improve our awareness with nature and the world around us, a concept that is dwindling in today's society.Self-reliance and much needed solitude are healthy ways to clear one's mind and feel balanced.This concept is conveyed when he mentions the stars and how if they only appeared one night in a thousand years the great and amazing impact that the stars would have on humankind.Because they appear every night, people are not as astonished by them as much as they would if the prior were the case.How he defines nature is the start of his new approach to how he understands nature. He states that nature all that is separated from us and then distinguishes nature from art; art being natural objects that humans alter for purposes.Nature refers to essences that are unchanged by humans: space, the flower, and the air.


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