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The Party Rooter is the sort of fan who shows up on Buck-a-Brew Night, often with a gang of fellow partiers.

The Party Rooter is the sort of fan who shows up on Buck-a-Brew Night, often with a gang of fellow partiers.

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If you have narrowed your subject in any way (for example, types of bad drivers, rock guitarists, or annoying moviegoers), make this clear from the start.

It's a warm evening in July, and all across the country Americans are gathering to watch a game of professional baseball.

Classification is a method of developing an essay by arranging people, objects, or ideas with shared characteristics into particular classes or groups.

After you have settled on a topic for a classification essay* and explored it through various prewriting strategies, you should be ready to attempt a first draft.

And when a Sunshine Supporter boos an opposing player for tagging out a local hero, Diehards may be quietly applauding the expert moves of this "enemy" infielder.

No matter what the score is, Diehard Fans remain in their seats until the last batter is out, and they may still be talking about the game long after it's over.​ Notice how the writer uses comparisons to ensure cohesion in the body of the essay.You may choose to offer a final brief comment on each one, summarizing its value or its limitations.Or you may want to recommend one approach over the others and explain why.Notice how this introduction creates certain expectations.The specific details provide a setting (a ballpark on "a warm evening in July") in which we expect to see the various fans described.In any case, make sure that your conclusion clearly emphasizes the purpose of your classification.Professional baseball would have trouble surviving without all three types of fans.Here is how to develop and organize a five-paragraph classification essay.In your introduction, clearly identify your subject — in this case, the group you are classifying.She will stay around until the end of the game to celebrate a victory, but should her team fall a few runs behind, she's likely to slip out to the parking lot during the seventh-inning stretch.​ More attentive to the game than other fans, Diehards will study the stance of a power hitter, note the finesse of a quick fielder, and anticipate the strategy of a pitcher who has fallen behind in the count.While the Party Rooter is chugging a beer or dropping wisecracks, Diehards may be filling in a scorecard or commenting on a player's RBI tally over the past few months.


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