Dissertation On Employee Engagement

They gained importance in corporate scenario and were referred to as ‘human resources’.

Over the time, competition became harder and human resources became means to gain competitive advantage.

But there is another serious problem of lack of employee engagement.

Employees continue to be an integral part of the organization but several times they do not feel engaged to the organization resulting into poor or zero productivity.

Engaged employees act as an asset to the organization.

When the employees feel engaged to the organization, they do not need external motivation.She has previously worked in various financial institutions like Birla Global, HDFC Ltd. She is self-motivated and writes for the Knowledge Tank section of Project Guru.She has authored more than 80 articles so far in Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Finance and Marketing.They put discretionary efforts towards organizational success.Employee engagement leads to a psychological bonding with the company.Employee engagement has been defined by Gallup (2009) as, “ Realizing the benefits attached to employee engagement most of the companies today conduct employee engagement surveys to measure engagement.Though there is no universally accepted measure of employee engagement.The employees became an investment and the new term ‘human capital’ came into existence.Today organizations are struggling against attrition as it involves physical loss of the manpower.Sound HR practices are a pre-requisite to employee engagement.Employees should be provided with job training and career development opportunities.


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